A business match-making event will be organised in conjunction with the conference to provide unprecedented opportunities for BAC2014 delegates to meet your potential clients, buyers, technology partners, vendors, investors and financiers to explore potential collaboration on biomass development projects as follows:

Import/ExportProject Financing
Joint VentureProprietary Consultancy
Joint ProductionCarbon Credit Trading
Contract ResearchCDM Development
Distributorship/Marketing ServicesVenture Capital
Joint R&DTechnology Licensing
Green ProcurementTechnology Transfer

How BAC2014 Business Match-making Works


BAC2014 utilises a powerful software to enhance your business meeting experience. Delegates can request for meetings and accept invitations conveniently with the sophisticated yet user-friendly scheduling system.

Following are possible scenarios for business partnering :

  • Buyers meet Sellers
  • Consultants meet Clients
  • Entrepreneurs meet Financiers
  • Exporters meet ImportersForeign
  • Investors meet Government Officers
  • Investors meet Marketers
  • Researchers meet Marketers
  • Researchers meet Researchers
  • SMEs meet Multi National Corporations
  • Suppliers meet Distributors
  • SMEs meet SMEs
  • Traders meet Manufacturers
  • Vendors meet Procurement Officers
  • Technology Providers meet Prospects etc.


Qualified senior management/executive decision makers who have the authority to plan, develop and execute biomass utilisation, commercialisation and conversion activities, as well as key administrators,
engineers, and consultants from the following sectors:

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large-MediumCorporations (LMCs), and Multi-NationalCorporation (MNCs) in the following biomass supplychain:
    Palm oil & rice millers Solid biofuel manufacturers
    Timber producersBiomass waste collectors
    Biocomposite producersBiomass product traders
    Eco-friendly products &
    Green building material
    Biofertliser producersBiogas technology providers
    Renewable energy
    technology providers
    Biomass power plant
    Biomass projects developers & investorsBiochemical technology
    Carbon fund managers &
    Biochemical producers
    Bankers Venture capitalists
  • Research Institutions and Universities (RIUs)
  • Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce
  • Policy makers from government administration

To discuss participation opportunities, please contact us at tel: +603-8884 8962 or email secretariat@biomass-asia.org to find out how you can optimise your participation leveraging on the Biomass Asia Conference 2014 as a powerful business and technological development platform to transform your biomass business.