A session on Biomass for Agriculture

Biomass Asia Conference 2014 is now accepting submission for call for papers and interest to speak until 31 January 2014.

In the past years, we have covered topics ranging from biomass to energy applications, agriculture, eco-products, and high value chemicals. Over-arching themes such as policies, investment & financing, and carbon market featured strongly as participants seek to understand the total biomass value chain already in place in Malaysia and within the region.

As a guidance for submission, please see below proposed themes and topics:

THEME 1: Biomass Strategies & Policies
  • Updates on feed-in tariff (FiT) implementation in the region
  • Updates on biofuels policy & development in the region
  • Updates on renewable energy (RE) targets in the region
THEME 2: Investment & Financing Options for Biomass Ventures
  • Soft loan financing for green & biomass development projects
  • Equity investment options for green & biomass development projects
THEME 3: The Economics of Biomass Commercialisation
  • Availability of biomass feedstock in the region
  • Market demands & future trends for solid biofuels in Asia
THEME 4: Biomass for Renewable Energy (RE)
  • Renewable energy projects from empty fruit bunches (EFB)
  • Renewable energy projects from rice husks
  • Renewable energy projects with municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Renewable energy projects with biogas from palm oil mill effluent (POME)
  • Renewable energy projects with biogas from landfill
  • Renewable energy projects with biogas from animal waste
THEME 5: Biomass for Agriculture
  • Conversion of biomass into compost
  • Value-adding strategies for biofertiliser
  • Biochar development & market updates
THEME 6: Biomass for Eco-Products
  • Updates on green procurement policies around the region
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) as an emerging tool for environmental
THEME 7: Biomass for High Value Chemicals
  • Biomass for green materials (bioplastics, biocomposites)
  • Biomass for intermediate chemicals
THEME 8: Establishing a Low Carbon Economy
  • The future of carbon/CDM market

To learn more about initiatives available for biomass companies in Malaysia and gain top level access to biomass industry leaders in Malaysia, speak at Biomass Asia Conference 2014 - submit your abstract today!


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